Bag Filter System

Bag filter

 General Features​

● The bag filter used with the filter bag is used for some coarse filtration and pre filtration links.
● The structure of side inlet and outlet or side inlet and outlet can effectively save the space of filter, and the whole structure is economical and reasonable.
● The ring mouth of the filter bag is pressed by the pressure ring and spring to ensure the good sealing between the filter and the filter bag.
● Adjustable feet, installation size can be quickly adjusted according to site requirements.

Fine filter

General Features​

● Fine filter is a new type of deep filter, which can be used instead of diatomite filter to filter, clarify and purify the tiny impurities in various liquids.
● The overall structure is designed and manufactured according to the sanitary requirements, with no residue in the feed liquid, easy to clean and high-precision polishing; the bottom in and bottom out structure design is adopted to effectively avoid the turbulence of the feed liquid and improve the filtration performance.
● The fine filter is equipped with up to 4 filter cakes as standard, which can meet the filtration requirements of large flow rate.
● The structure design of the lower inlet and lower outlet is convenient for cleaning. The special drain valve can be configured at the inlet and outlet to facilitate the liquid discharge.

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