More Pump Series

Diaphragm pump

 General Features​

● The PTFE shell is very suitable for operation
in environments containing corrosive gases
and organic solvents.
● Compact structure, light weight, simple
● No oil, no pollution
● High pressure pneumatic, no electricity

Peristaltic pump

 General Features​

● With external control mode, you can use the communication line control.
● After the power is cut off, the data is stored in time. When the power is restored, the pump can remember the control parameters before power off, which is safe and reliable.
● After setting the target flow rate, the flow rate will be automatically corrected according to the actual flow value input.
● One-key control of full-speed operation, used for rapid cleaning, filling, emptying, etc.

Gear pump

 General Features​

● Using stainless steel gears, long service life, low noise operation.
● The skeleton oil seal is made of PTFE, which is resistant to wear and corrosion.
● Optional hose connector, easy to match with all kinds of equipment.
● Explosion-proof motor, safe to use.

Sanitary centrifugal pump

 General Features​

● Over-smooth, rigid structure and thick wall design.
● Pump parts, pump covers, impellers and other parts in contact with materials are all made of SS316L or SS304.
● Simple structure, easy disassembly, low voice, high efficiency, gentle and gentle handling of materials.

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