Solvent Recovery System

Changzhou Chance provide turnkey solution for solvent recovery system with multiple choice. In order to efficiently and gentle remove solvents such as ethanol from the extract, the following evaporators are recommended:

Falling film evaporator is one of the most widely used in industrial ethanol removal. It is known for its efficiency and convenience. Changzhou chance provides a complete set of falling film evaporator turnkey system.

In the laboratory, rotary evaporator is very popular because of its small size and simple operation. Changzhou chance offers several model of rotary evaporators for your choice.

The film evaporator can recover a small amount of residual ethanol in crude oil and decarboxylate at the same time.

Falling film evaporator

 General Features​

● Continuous feeding and discharging
● Plate heat exchanger improves condensing efficiency
● The whole machine is integrated and easy to assemble and move
● Vertical shell and tube heat exchanger with uniform heating

Rotary evaporator

General Features​

● Various sizes are available: from laboratory scale to pilot scale.
● The condenser structure can be customized.
● Corrosion resistant PTFE and fluororubber gaskets ensure long-term operation.
● The design of connecting vacuum in the lower condenser ensures the safety of vacuum operation.
● Options: you can choose the normal type or the automatic lifting type.

Thin film evaporator

General Features​

● Stainless steel design, durable in use
● The residence time of material is short and the heating is uniform
● Option: equipped with an observation glass to observe the evaporation process
● Option: equipped with gear pump to realize continuous feeding and discharging
● Flexible customization service

All our products are customizable. Any questions about solvent recovery systems please send the email below to contact us.

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