Vacuum Pump Series

Rotary vane vacuum pump

 General Features​

● Using KF series flange and exhaust jacket connection, can be matched with most rquipment.
● Light weight, compact design and low noise.
● With gas ballast valve, better compatibility with moisture and solvent vapor.
● With check valve to prevent backflow of pump oil.
● Available accessories: oil mist separator, KF flange, flange joint and various pipelines for connection.

Air-cooled diffusion pump

 General Features​

● Very high pumping speed and compression ratio.
● Simple to use and reliable
● Equipped with intelligent controller, built-in protection, safe use.
● Longer service life and lower cost of ownership.

Diaphragm vacuum pump

 General Features​

● The PTFE shell is very suitable for operation in environments containing corrosive gases and organic solvents.
● Very compact and lightweight.
● No oil, no pollution.

Water ring vacuum pump

General Features​

● All main valves and parts are made of PTFE, corrosion-resistant and suitable for working in chemical operations.
● Oil-free cold trap without water/alcohol solution.
● Easy to maintain, suitable for laboratory environment, reliable.
● Circulators replace expensive water consumption.

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